They are two European Union directives, Directive 89/686/EEC and Directive 89/656/EEC to regulate the manufacture and use of PPE at work (Personal Protective Equipment).
In Italy, these legislation have been incorporated with the Legislative Decree 475/92 and Legislative Decree 81/08.
The Global Marketing is attentive to the regulations concerning safety at work and Personal Protective Equipment.
Each product offered by Global Marketing to its customers is subject to specific rules to protect people using it during his work.
There are:
UNI EN 352 Earmuffs;
EN-397 Helmets;
EN-340 work clothing;
EN-340-471 High-visibility clothing
EN-420 Essential requirements for protective gloves;
EN-342 Protective clothing against the cold;
EN-388 Protective gloves against mechanical risks of abrasion, blade cut, tear and puncture;
EN-407 Protective gloves against heat and fire;
EN-343 Protective clothing against rain;
EN-374 Protective gloves against chemical hazards and microrganici;
EN-421 Protective gloves from radioactive contamination;
UNI EN 511 Protection against the cold;
EN-166 Glasses;
EN-150, EN-11611, EN-11612, EN 61482, EN-1149/5 Heads flame-retardant, anti-static and electric arc;
EN-521-420 heat resistant clothing;
UNI EN 60903 Protection against electrical hazards.